Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Service......It was Awesome!!

Hello Everyone,

I know that I have not been on lately but I have been sooooo busy. I just wanted to say hello and jot down a few things about our Easter this year. It was an awesome service on Sunday, Pastor preached about "The Blood." Praise and Worship was awesome too. We just had a great time with friends and family, easter egg hunting, eating, enjoying time together, played on the Wii, etc.

For the business aspect of life, Pampered Chef is doing mighty well. I am so blessed. I have two shows this month in addition to the one I already had last week so the business is taking off. Thank you Jesus for the increase!!

My kids are well, adjusting to being off two days, for a 4-day weekend, they loved it and are eating way too much candy.

Well enough for now, have to get to cleaning the house and ready to enjoy a beautiful sunny day with Natalie. Be blessed!!