Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Enjoying Life to the Fullest!

I cannot complain; this year has been a wonderful one and I am soooo thankful for so many reasons. Just to share a few with you during this month - Thanksgiving!

1. Feb - My husband came home safely after a 1 yr deployment.
2. Mar - I received a job after 10+ years of not working - I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom and bring up my children! So thankful!
3. May - We all got to enjoy my youngest turn 5 years old!
4. June - My sister carried her baby for 9 complete months and delivered a Beautiful Baby girl this month, we have been waiting for this "miracle" for 8+years. Thank you Lord!
Crystal, our oldest, graduated high school! Whewww she made it!
5. July - Daddy took care of all the kids during the summer - he loved it and got lots of quality time, thank you for a great babysitter.
6. August - The kids started school, Crystal in college, Christian to 4th grade, and Natalie in Kindergarten! Yay for awesome teachers and a great year!
7. September - enjoying the weather and some great quality time in San Diego with my honey!
8. October - Thank you for my job and our church, so grateful to put my hands to work anywhere I go. To God be all the Glory. Thankful for a friend who had a Pampered Chef party to cover me for this month. Yay for income.
9. November - Thankful for family time during Thanksgiving. Enjoying the weather, movies, quality time with family, and shopping for Christmas!
10. December - my birthday - another year to enjoy!

I cannot complain - life has been good and I AM SO GRATEFUL! Many blessings this 2010 year.