Monday, July 25, 2011

Daily Devotional - Unqualified

Just reading the heading, the scripture and the first two lines, I believe we describe ourselves always this way...unqualified, undeserving, no memory for verses, no spiritual gifts but we have to remember that this is what Satan wants us to believe and this is NOT what God says about us. We have to stand strong and believe in the promises God made to us in his WORD! Whooo, powerful devotional today.

What a powerful saying....."God loves unqualified Christians." This is how I feel sometimes but I am a warrior in Christ, I am destined to preach the gospel to others and bring lost souls to Christ. I can preach on this one....I love when God's word flows through me....there is power in HIS Name! Thank you Heavenly Father for your wisdom and power.

Don’t underestimate what Christ can do with your life. Give God one willing Christian, and he can change the face of the world. LOVE IT!

Do you feel like an unqualified Christian? Don’t feel down; pray to God and seek a place where you can serve him.

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