Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday's devotional - Glory in Weaknesses

How awesome is this title....I haven't even read the devotional and I am pumped to know what it says. How is there Glory in Weaknesses? Let's find out...

Paul had learned he was valuable not because of his many accomplishments but because of Christ in him. Because God loved him and guided him. He had learned to rely not on his own strength and abilities but on the strength and power of Christ. And he learned that when he was honest about his own weaknesses, he opened the door for Christ's strength and power to work in his life. He had learned that Jesus' strength and power would "pitch a tent over and dwell upon" him! What a picture!

I know that admitting your weaknesses is a tough situation for many but when you release those weaknesses to God - IMAGINE what takes place and how is strength comes upon us when we let go of the things that hold us Bound, like weaknesses.

This saying says it all...You just have to trust Jesus and follow him--and let his strength and power rest on you. Like Paul, you will be able to glory in your weakness.

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